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Barbwire Barbie Boutique Owners Update 1/22/17 :

I have officially graduated and I am headed towards new things for bbb! Here's what I've come up with. We are MOBILE , that means you won't find us inside of curves anymore, however- you will find us in their parking lot at scheduled dates. I am working on updating and completely our show schedule through May, so please bare with me as I finish that part. Have an event , show or fair you want us to come to please tell us! You can get ahold of me at Samantha@barbwirebarbieboutique.com or (936)355-1202. As far as shopping we will have 5-6 new items arriving to the website WEEKLY! Super fun right? Im so excited! Thank y'all for your patience and baring with me through the crazy college years, so heres to new things and NO MORE SCHOOL! 

                                      XO XO , 

                                                 Samantha Humphrey